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Audiogram Results

The audiogram is a graphic representation of how we hear. It provides information on the degree and type of hearing loss. Hearing loss is not difficult to document. But understanding the audiogram is not always easy.

Illustrated audiogram


Elements of the audiogram


The audiogram is a graph laid out like a piano keyboard with low to high frequencies graphed from left to right on the horizontal axis.


The vertical axis charts loudness of sound in decibels—starting with soft sounds at the top and loud sounds on the bottom. 


It is common for individuals to permanently lose their hearing in only a portion of the pitch range. That is, many people first lose their ability to hear high-frequency sounds like ‘s,’ ‘sh,’ and ‘ch' or the voices of children or women with higher-pitched voices. In many cases, speech is "heard" but misunderstood. When a portion of the speech spectrum is missing, it sounds like mumbling.


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