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Hearing Aid Technology


Through technology, we are committed to helping you restore the ability to hear the sounds that are a vital part of enjoying life.  We are proud to have partnered with the best providers of Hearing Aid Technologies.


helping you hear the sounds of life again.

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UNIQUE is like no other hearing aid - packed with all-new features, including 4 A/D converters with incredibly wide input, a sound classifier for intelligent listening and the Wind Noise Attenuation system that provides dramatically reduced wind noise.


A complete overall listening experience

A supreme sound experience requires a high dynamic range to have as few artefacts as possible. In UNIQUE, we have increased the input dynamic range so that it can deliver up to 113dB SPL linearly and lowered the noise floor to 5dB SPL- so users can hear important soft sounds but also louder sounds without distortion. The key to this are the four A/D converters in UNIQUE.


An extended soundscape

With four A/D converters, UNIQUE can handle a very wide range of sounds without any corruption of the incoming signal. This means it works as a transparent entry level in noisy environments where it is always difficult to hear and in quieter situations with soft sounds. Always delivering clean and untainted sound quality – quiet is more quiet, loud is more pleasant.


Supreme sound quality in any environment

The Soft Level Noise Reduction Algorithm in UNIQUE differentiates unmodulated soft sounds from modulated soft sounds and reduces their amplification. This results in an enhanced sound quality for the user.

The benefit of soft level noise reduction

Providing more gain for soft sounds (low compression thresholds) is good for amplifying soft speech but it can also mean soft unwanted sounds - such as the noise from fans, refrigerators, or even hearing aid microphone noises, are audible even when in quiet environments.


The best wind noise reduction in the industry

For users to truly enjoy being outdoors, it is essential that that they can hear clearly no matter the conditions. The Wind Noise Attenuation system in UNIQUE provides users with documented improvement in hearing speech and environmental sounds in the presence of wind noise. 


Benefits of the Wind Noise Attenuator (WNA):

·       Improved speech understanding in wind

·       Better sound quality in windy conditions

·       Less chance users will need to remove their hearing aids when outdoors


WIDEX DEX Accessories

CONNECT, CONTROL, COMMUNICATE   Widex COM-DEX is a stylish, hands-free communication device that streams high-quality sound to your hearing aids.

The hands-free solution COM-DEX hangs around your neck and connects you wirelessly to the digital world.

And with the popular COM-DEX app you can easily control your hearing aids via COM-DEX from your smartphone.

CONVENIENCE AND PERFORMANCE   Some of the things you can do with COM-DEX app:

  • Adjust volume settings, change programs or alter sound levels of Widex hearing aids directly
  • Choose the direction of the sound
  • Stream high-quality music or other sound for hours
  • See COM-DEX battery status.

Now, for even more convenience, you can discreetly control your hearing aids via Apple Watch™ on your wrist.



This informaiton came from the Widex Website.


Introducing Muse hearing aids. Featuring hearing technology made for the next generation of hearing aid wearers, Muse offers a variety of styles, clarity and comfort in noise, high-quality music listening and more. In short, Muse is made for life.

Muse is a full-family of wireless hearing aids powered by our new Synergy platform, our new operating system, Acuity OS, and our virtually drop-free 900sync wireless technology. Thanks to Acuity OS, Muse hearing aids can process every sound uniquely, enabling people to hear all the subtleties of life even in complex listening environments: the inflection in the voice of a spouse or the nuances in the notes of a favorite song. They provide an ultra-high definition audio experience and are designed to enhance listening enjoyment in every situation you’re in.


Here are some of the unique benefits Muse offers:

·       High-quality audio experience with exceptional comfort for a personalized listening experience

·       Improved phone conversations with ear-to-ear phone streaming

·       Wireless functionality and connectivity with our SurfLink accessories for remote hearing aid control and streaming capabilities

·       A dedicated music memory developed with input from professional musicians for a high-definition music listening experience

·       Customizable tinnitus relief with our Multiflex Tinnitus Technology integrated into the hearing aids

·       Simultaneous processing of multiple sounds for a unique and comprehensive listening experience that makes speech crisp and clear while preserving the natural sound quality of ambient elements

·       Clearer and easier conversations with precise speech audibility and accurate speech detection in difficult listening situations

·       No buzzing or whistling

·       Durability and dependability with our next-generation moisture and wax repellent, Surface Nanoshield

·       Enhanced radio sensitivity for increased streaming range, Muse offers nearly double the streaming range of our previous generation of wireless technology.

Variety of Styles

Muse is available in custom and standard styles, including our next generation, slender micro RIC 312 with a telecoil and our smallest, slimmest mini BTE 312.

Halo 2, Starkey's newest Made for iPhone® hearing aids help you stay connected to the people and things you love most. With our easy-to-use TruLink™ Hearing Control app, Halo 2 is engineered to work specifically with your iPhone, iPad®, iPod touch® and Apple Watch®. And with new processing power in Halo 2, you'll experience music in a whole new way with pure, refined sound quality.



SoundLens Synergy are our most-advanced invisible hearing aids on the market. Custom fit to your exact needs and unique ear canal shape, they rest comfortably deep in your ear, so only you know they’re there. And though tiny, SoundLens Synergy come loaded with all of our leading technology. They’re the first and most popular custom-fit Invisible-in-the-Canal (IIC) hearing aids ever made.

We know that taking the next step and purchasing hearing aids can be daunting. And with so many options in technology and product styles, it can be hard to choose one that not only meets your hearing needs but also satisfies your personal preferences and style. 

Starkey Hearing Technologies has long been the industry pioneer in custom, invisible hearing products. Now, we’re excited to announce that our most popular invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid, SoundLens, is available in a wireless option and powered by brand new technology. 

Invisible. Powerful. And now wireless.

Built on our new Synergy platform and Acuity OS operating system, SoundLens Synergy is powered by 900sync technology to provide patients all the benefits of a Starkey invisible hearing solution and the flexibility and personalization of wireless connectivity.   

SoundLens Synergy provides you with:

·       Exceptional processing power in a tiny, invisible package

·       High-quality audio with exceptional comfort for a personalized listening experience

·       Wind, noise, whistling and feedback management for optimal speech accuracy

·       Wireless functionality and connectivity with SurfLink accessories

·       Customizable tinnitus relief with our Multiflex Tinnitus Technology integrated into the hearing aids

·       Simultaneous processing of multiple sounds for a comprehensive listening experience that makes speech crisp and clear while keeping ambient noise natural

·       Clearer and easier conversations with precise speech audibility and accurate speech detection in difficult listening situations 

SurfLink Connectivity

SoundLens seamlessly connects with all of our SurfLink accessories to provide remote hearing aid control capabilities, enhanced conversational abilities in difficult environments, and the ability to stream TV, music and phone calls directly to SoundLens hearing aids.

SurfLink accessories include SurfLink Mobile 2, SurfLink Remote, and the all new SurfLink Media 2 and SurfLink Remote Microphone.


Halo 2 Made for iPhone hearing aids are designed to help patients stay connected to the people and things they love most. Built using the industry’s first ever quad core twin compressor technology and a brand new operating system, Halo 2 hearing aids are able to process multiple sounds simultaneously, so that speech is crisp, ambient sound is natural, and music sounds rich and immersive.

Halo 2 is designed to provide better hearing across life’s changing landscapes so that you never miss your child’s laughter or a friend’s joke. Available in our thinnest receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) yet, Halo 2 works with the latest version of the TruLink Hearing Control app to connect with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch and select Android devices.


Halo 2 works with the new TruLink 3.0 app to provide the following features Halo users love:

·       High-definition streaming of music, phone calls, videos, FaceTime calls, Siri and other media directly to your Halo 2 hearing aids*

·       A personalized and high-quality listening experience with exceptional sound quality to help you hear comfortably in any environment

·       Up to 20 customized and geotagged hearing aid memories, so your hearing aids automatically adjust based on the environments you frequent most (e.g., home, work, the gym or park)

·       Easy control of your hearing aids using your iPhone 

·       No buzzing, whistling and clicking

New Features!

Brand new to Halo 2 and TruLink 3.0 are the Real-Time Notifications and inclusion of our popular tinnitus technology! Halo 2 wearers with Apple devices will now be able to hear notifications for email, calendar, messages and social pings! For those suffering from tinnitus, integrated controls in the TruLink app will allow users to control the volume and modulation rate of the Multiflex Tinnitus Technology solution for personalized tinnitus management.

And as always, our Halo 2 hearing aids are packed with Starkey Hearing Technologies’ best-in-class performance features designed to deliver pristine audio, natural sound, best hearing in noise, and zero feedback. They will also feature our next-generation moisture and wax repellent, Surface™ Nanoshield, ensuring reliability and durability.



This informaiton came from the Starkey Website.

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