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Ear Protection


Protect Your Ears!
You only get one set.

Noise is measured in units of sound pressure levels called decibels. A small change in the  number of decibels can mean a huge change in the amount of noise and potential damage to hearing.  Hearing loss from noise exposure     develops over a span of years. 

  • When to use ear protection:
  • When using power tools
  • When using loud yard equipment
  • When shooting firearms
  • When riding a motorcycle
  • When attending loud events ex. Concerts, races, etc. 




Types of Ear Protection

Ear Muffs
Shooting, Hunting, Yardwork

Ear Plugs


·      Swim plugs

·      Hear Savers

·      Filtered Ear Plugs

·      Professional Ear Monitors

Custom Professional
Ear Monitors

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