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Auditory Porcessing Disorder (CAPD)

What is APD?

In its very broadest sense, APD refers to what we do with what we hear. (J. Katz)   However, it goes much deeper than that. The Central Nervous System is vast and also is responsible for functions such as memory, attention, and language, among others. There are many disorders that can affect how a person understands auditory information. Some of these include ADHD, Autism, and OCD. However, these are not to be confused with APD. 



- Easily distracted by auditory sounds
- Difficulty following directions
- Problems with multi-tasking

- Selective attention is a problem
- Filters out relevant information
- Difficulty maintaining attention



Although it is very important to use a multidisciplinary team in understanding all areas of difficulty, only an audiologist can diagnose APD. They will do so by a multitude of specialized tests in a sound treated room. Some of these tests may include dichotic speech tests, phonemic decoding tests, and speech-in-noise tests.  Behavior checklists and history questionnaires are also obtained from parents and teachers to provide information on the child’s listening skills, behavior, and academic performance.



There are many different Symptoms of APD.  Even if your child has a multitude of these symptoms, the only way to properly diagnose is by careful and accurate testing. 

  • Difficulty understand speech in noisy environments
  • Difficulty Following Directions
  • Difficulty discriminating similar-sounding speech sounds
  • Difficulty with spelling, reading, and verbal instruction
  • Difficulty remembering what was heard

Academic Concerns

There may also be some academic concerns that prove to be symptoms of APD.

  • Academic performance lower than potential
  • Fail to complete assignments
  • Difficulty functioning in group settings
  • Reading (word accuracy/comprehension)
  • Spelling (accuracy/reversals)
  • Writing (organization/sequencing/neatness)
  • Receptive/Expressive language deficits

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